Current Research Activities

Faculty Research Interests

  • bias and workplace discrimination
  • career exploration assessments and tools
  • decision making in selection and promotion contexts
  • developmental changes in individual differences related to workplace experiences
  • diverse work teams
  • effective team leadership
  • employee health and well-being
  • employee selection and attraction
  • future of work (automation and technology impacts)
  • inclusion and diversity in workplaces
  • individual differences and career outcomes
  • learning and performance at work
  • multi-team systems
  • occupational health and safety
  • occupational stress
  • organizational change and development
  • personality assessment and role in the workplace
  • psychological measurement
  • self-regulation and motivational orientation
  • strategic management of people
  • team effectiveness
  • transfer of training
  • use and interpretation of quantitative methods in organizational research
  • vocational interests
  • workplace aggression and violence
  • work values


 Faculty Labs & Research Projects

 Recent Presentations 

Presentations at Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference, April 2022.   The presentations show the collaboration among graduate students and faculty in our numerous research endeavors. To see presentations presented at other conferences in 2021-2022 please see individual vitae.


Presentation Title Presenter Names 
1 State Vocational Interests, Outcomes, and Predictors of Variation Jacob C. Bradburn, Ann Marie Ryan
2 Social Mechanisms of Leadership Emergence: A Computational Evaluation of Leadership Network Structures Daniel Griffin
3 Personality and P-E Fit: The Potential Contribution of Machine Learning to Prediction. Jacob C. Bradburn, Christopher D. Nye, Dan J. Putka, Anthony S. Boyce, Nicholas R. Martin, Fabian Elizondo, Richard Justenhoven
4 Clarifying the Utility of Machine Learning Josh Prasad, Ajay Somaraju, Christopher D. Nye, T. Sun
5 Examining Moderator Effects on the Relationship between Interests and Satisfaction Christopher D. Nye and Danielle M. Gardner
6 A Large-Scale Investigation of Gender, Ethnicity, and Educational Differences in Interest Fit

Alexis Victoria Hanna, Michael L. Morris, Kisha S. Jones, Kevin Hoff, Christopher D. Nye, James Rounds


Whole-person career assessment: Integrating fit using interests, values, skills, knowledge, and personality.

Kevin Hoff, Zihan Liu, Chu Chu, James Rounds, Fred Oswald
8 Interest-Ability Profiles: A Within-Person Approach to Intellectual Investment William Hyland, Kevin Hoff, James Rounds
9 Interest in context: Using Work Tasks to Measure Vocational Interests Alexis Hanna, Kevin Hoff, James Rounds
10 What do RIASEC Inventories Measure? Investigating Convergence and Content Validity Chu Chu, Kevin Hoff, Wie Ming Jonathan Phan, Mary Russell, James Rounds
11 “Too Strong:” Effects of the Strong Black Woman Stereotype on Supervisor Perceptions of Black Women with Depression. Arturia Melson-Silimon, Jorge Lumberas, Rose LeFevre-Levy, Nathan T. Carter
12 Intersectional Microaggressions at Work: Scale Development and Construct Validation Rebecca Harmata, Arturia Melson-Silimon, Jorge Lumberas, Nathan T. Carter
13 Capturing the Dynamic Nature of Code-switching among Black Workers. Arturia Melson-Silimon, Jorge Lumberas, Melissa Robertson, Aspen Robinson, Nathan T. Carter
14 A Person-Centered Exploration of the HEXACO Personality Measure and Work-Related Outcomes Rebecca Harmata, Jeffrey Conte, Nathan T. Carter
15 Revealing the ‘Real’ Strategic Leadership Network to Senior Leaders: Benefits and Challenges Kristin Cullen-Lester, Dorothy R. Carter, Pol Solanelles, Justin Jones, Stephanie Wormington
16 Examining Factors that Influence How Engaging in Diversity Work is Valued Lauren A. Collier-Spruel, Ann Marie Ryan
17 Leadership and Gender: What Happens if We Actually Measure Behavior Incongruence? Connor Eichenauer, Ann Marie Ryan
18 Foreign Accent Bias in Hiring Evaluations Connor Eichenauer, William Scott, Ann Marie Ryan, Nikhil Awasty
19 The Case for Organizational Ethicality: Implications for Employee Behaviors Rachael Pyram, Jenna Van Fossen, Ajay Somaraju
20 Discrimination in the Hiring of Immigrants: A Complex Interaction Jo M. Alanis, Ann Marie Ryan
21 Explaining the Gender Pay Gap through Vocational Interest Fit Jo M. Alanis, Danielle M. Gardner, Christopher D. Nye
22 Both Sides of the Ageism Spectrum Affect Perceived Voice and Competence Caitlin Q. Briggs, Jo M. Alanis, Ann Marie Ryan, and Xiaoqin Yan
23 Health and work goal compatibility for platform-based gig workers during COVID-19 Sergio M. Marquez, Jo M. Alanis, & Jenna Van Fossen
24 Comparing boundary management congruence in heterosexual and LGB employees Danielle M. Gardner, Ann Marie Ryan
25 How to Best Measure Interest Fit? A Large Study Comparing Fit Methods and Moderators Kenneth Eduardo Granillo-Velasquez, Hannah Nelson, Kevin Hoff, Michael Morris, Fred Oswald, Alexis Hanna
26 The Occupational Skills Knowledge Inventory: Measure Development Study Kalifa Thomas, Zihan Liu, Kevin Hoff, Chu Chu, Fred Oswald
27 Personality and Boundary Management Preferences Rose LeFevre-Levy, Nathan T. Carter
28 NASA Critical Incidents Reveal the Nature of Spaceflight Multiteam System Adaptation Jacob Pendergraft, Dorothy R. Carter, Marissa Shuffler, Joshua Pearman
29 Project RED: Learning to Lead Multiteam Systems Emily Gerkin, Dorothy R. Carter, Leslie DeChurch, Joshua Pearman
30 Performative Gesture or Genuinely Supportive: The Impact of Workplace Responses to the Racial Injustice Movement on Employees Lauren A. Collier-Spruel, Ann Marie Ryan
31 New Innovations and Advancements in Personality Assessment

Kevin Hoff, panelist


32 Is it Imposter Syndrome? Navigating Grad Student Mental Health and Neurodivergence Nathan T. Carter, panelist
33 Doctoral Consortium: Applying for Academic Jobs J. Kevin Ford, panelist