Ecological / Community Psychology

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Community psychology is an interdisciplinary and global field that draws on psychology, sociology, public health, and other fields to improve the lives of people in their communities through a combination of research and action. Community psychology and community psychologists address a wide range of issues including mental health, gender-based violence, public education, community economic development, and health equity.

Working with and within communities, we use community psychology's distinctive theory, research, and action to address the issues that communities find most pressing. Substantive areas of strength that make our program distinct include: 

  • Dissemination & Implementation Science  (Acevedo, Drahota, Miller) 
  • Gender-based Violence  (Adams, Buchanan, Campbell, Gregory, Sullivan) 
  • Health Equity and Parity  (Acevedo, Buchanan, Drahota, Miller, Puckett) 
  • LGBTQ+ Health, Mental Health, and Well-being  (Acevedo, Miller, Puckett)


Current Faculty 

Program Directors

Affiliated Faculty

Caitlin Cavanaugh, Criminal Justice

Deborah Johnson, Human Development and Family Studies

Miles A. McNall, University Outreach and Engagement

Emilie Smith, Human Development and Family Studies



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