Career Planning

What can I do with an undergraduate degree in Psychology?

Approximately 67 percent of MSU PSY graduates go directly into the workforce with a bachelor's degree, while the other 33 percent go to graduate school or other continuing educationAcademic performance as a psychology major and a student's willingness to prepare for a variety of career options will influence attractiveness to employers and eventual career placement. Preparing for the job market and then building to a career takes planning and effort. Students should take steps each semester, beginning in their freshman year, toward this end. Students should strive to incorporate a combination of coursework and experiential learning throughout their degree to gain these transferrable skills 

  • Transferrable Skills
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Teamwork
    • Problem solving
    • Leadership
    • Research methodology
    • Computer literacy
    • Work experience

Career Preparation 

The suggested resources below incorporates career planning strategies into your college experience. These suggestions are not an exhaustive list. The intent is to provide resources for you to take actions towards achieving your career goals. 

Below is a suggested timeline for incorporating these resources into your time at MSU
  • Freshman & Sophomore Years

    Freshman & Sophomore Years 

    • Join a student organization. Participate in campus activities. Visit the Student Life Office 

    • Volunteer with the Center for Community Engaged Learning 

    • Schedule an appointment with academic advisor to set up academic plan 

    • Begin to develop relationships with the faculty

    • Set up your profile on Career Services and Placement's Handshake

    • Spend a day (or part of one) with a professional who has a job that interests you. 

  • Junior Year

    Junior Year 

    • Develop a career portfolio to chart your career and skills development 

    • Complete an internship or participate in research 

    • Aim for outstanding academic performance in all your course work 

    • Attend career fairs/seminars. Continue to use the Career Services Network 

    • Discuss academic/career decisions with your mentor, advisor, or counselor 

    • Update your profile on Handshake and monitor job opportunities

  • Senior Year

    Senior Year  

    • Propel your job campaign into full swing; continue to attend career fairs and workshops 

    • Know the job market you hope to enter! Be prepared to compete effectively with other candidates 

    • Update your profile on Handshake and monitor job opportunities. 

 Psychology Bachelor's Degree Career Areas

A psychology bachelor’s degree can prepare you for a variety of career industries. This section provides an overview of potential career areas you can pursue. 

  • General Career Areas
    Child / Youth / Elder Care Human Resources Residential Services
    Community Services Human Services Retail Management
    Consulting Services Manufacturing / Production Retail / Wholesale Sales
    Court / Juvenile Services Market Research Social Services
    Customer Services  Government / Legislative Services  Special Populations Services
    Employee Relations Personnel / Human Resources Student / Alumni Services
    Employment Services Private / Nonprofit Management Substance Abuse Services
    Financial Services Public Relations / Media Services Volunteer Services


  • Research Job Positions
    Click here to check out open research postions some in the post graduate category and others for undergraduates.

Career Planning Services

A degree in Psychology can offer students many opportunities, including some that they are not even aware of.  There are many resources on campus to connect students to these opportunities, but students need to seek out these resources. Psychology advisors are able to help students explore fields of interest, search for internship placements, and assist students with career planning.  In addition to the Psychology Department, students can seek out career information from the Career Services Network and the College Social Science Career Services.

  • The Career Services Network is a great place for MSU students to learn about jobs in their field of interest, resume writing, and job postings.  It is important for students to get to know the services available to them early in their MSU career so that they are prepared when the time comes to get an internship or a job.
  • Although students can work with anyone from the Career Services Network, the College of Social Science has Career Field Consultants who can assist you also. The CSS Career Services site hosts their information as well as other career related information for Social Science majors.


Job Listings/Job Search Online 

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